Wednesday, November 07, 2012

As The Client

Sometimes I think counselors and therapists, when they seek out counseling services for themselves, can be some of the worst clients. We know the jargon, techniques, modalities, models, theories and perspectives. We know the dynamics, the transference, countertranference, and more. 

We know what our therapist will request for the intake session before they ever open their mouths. We know the importance of a termination session, and can determine for ourselves if enough work has been done to even require termination.

We know, and we know a lot.


We're still human. We have our dark days, spells, and abysses. We have our good days, happy hours, and crazies.

We need new ways of looking at the modalities, techniques, theories, and interventions that we implement on you all day long. We need creativity. Sometimes we're too tired to think for ourselves after assisting you to problem-solve. Sometimes we're so tired of talking to In-Home Supportive Services voicemail boxes and start feeling useless since for every one moment we make headway the government makes 5 different blockades. Medi-Cal, Medicare, SSI, pensions, Advance Directives, grievance filings, medical clearance, home visits, family system issues; tired of children harming siblings and animals; tired of crying parents; tired of "I'm having one of those days".

Other times it's our own families. I don't know about you, but I don't know many social workers who have not come into the profession saying "I want to make the system better", "I want to prevent what I experienced", "I want to be what Mr./Ms. so-and-so was to me" or some similar expression. We're here to help and aid, assist, console, educate, etc. Sometimes we need the same.

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antiSWer said...

I was a client a little while back when I was struggling with some work related issues. Not only was I horrible, but I totally got in the way of my own process (just knowing that I HAD a process was a roadblock!). I cut the counselling short of where it should have gone simply due to that fact. I couldn't let go.

I did work through it in an alternate way, so that's good. :)